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       new Spectrum® Hi-Max Ballpen

                            Spectrum Max® ballpen with added highlighter and stylus. A new and unique
         1000 pcs           design specifically designed for full colour digital prints. Registered design.
         67  p    STYLUS    250 86p   l   500 76p   l   1000 67p
                            45 x 10mm

              Contour® Wrap Ballpen                            10-14159
       2000 pcs   The unique design of the Contour Wrap® ballpen allows for full colour wrap printing
       67p    around the entire surface of the barrel. Resistered design no. 002330787-0004.
              500 78p   l   1000 72p   l   2000 67p
              70 x 37.1mm
              Contour® Digital Ballpen                         10-14160
       2000 pcs   Plastic push-button ballpen with coloured grip. Patented barrel allows for a large
              branding area. Design developed in-house to exploit full colour printing. Registered
       33p    design no. 002239996-0001.
              500 42p   l   1000 37p   l   2000 33p
              60 x 10mm

              new Contour® Digital Softfeel Ballpen            10-14231
       1000 pcs   Comfortable curved ballpen featuring a large branding area with chrome trim and a
              tactile rubberised finish. Registered design no. 002239996-0001. Price includes full
       35p    colour print.
              250 41p   l   500 36p   l   1000 35p
              60 x 10mm

              new Digimax™ Ballpen                             10-14163
              Unique retractable plastic ballpen with generous print area specifically designed
       1000 pcs
              for full colour printing. Designed in-house under design registration no.
       32p    007430459-0002.
              250 41p   l   500 37p   l   1000 32p
              48 x 10mm
              new Flip Ballpen                                 10-14123
       1000 pcs   Folding pen with snap-lock mechanism specifically designed for full colour printing
       80p    to a large branding area.
              250 90p   l   500 85p   l   1000 80p
              barrel 80 x 9mm, cap 20 x 9mm

              new Garland™ Softfeel Ballpen                    10-14232
       1000 pcs   Soft-touch plastic ballpen featuring a large print area with rubberised coating and
              chrome trim. Available with Pantone® match spot colour printing or full colour
        41p   printing.
              250 60p   l   500 45p   l   1000 41p
              50 x 20mm, 50 x 7.2mm

              new Supersaver® Softfeel Ballpen                 10-14233
       2000 pcs   Cost-effective plastic ballpen with a soft-touch rubberised coating. Available in a
              range of bright colours and with Pantone® matched wrap around printing or full
       24p    colour printing.
              500 37p   l   1000 25p   l   2000 24p
              45 x 20mm

                      Garland™ Ballpen
                      Plastic push-button ballpen made from composite material to give the   10-14229
       1000 pcs   express  appearance and feel of a metal pen. The Garland™ ballpen features a
       26p     service  large print area and wide colour range in solid and metallic finishes
                      (see Garland™ Metallic ballpen). Express service available.
                      250 46p   l   500 32p   l   1000 26p
                      50 x 20mm
   10                                                                                                       Printed with vegetable based inks on FSC paper
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