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         Our PLA is made from                                                              THE JOURNEY
         certified cultivation -
         sugar cane. It is not                                                               OF OUR
         genetically modified.                                                               BIO PENS

                                                                                     MADE FROM
                                                                                      SUGAR                                       BIO
                                                                                      CANE                                        BASED

                                                            bio pens
                                    DID YOU KNOW?
                                    Bio-based plastics can help
                                    reduce CO emissions and
                                    conserve limited resources.
                                    Bio-based plastic from plants
                                    is in no way in competition with   colour
                                    the production of food.                05-14110  Senator Liberty Bio ballpen
                                                            range          500 53p   l   1000 48p   l   2500 43p

                                                                           05-14111  Senator Nature Plus ballpen
                                                                           500 72p   l   1000 65p   l   2500 58p

                                        GREEN ELECTRICITY
                                        senator  is an ISO 14001           05-14112  Senator Super Hit Bio plastic ballpen
                                        certified company,                  500 39p   l   1000 35p   l   2500 31p
                                        manufacturing with
                                        green electricity in the
                                        heart of Europe. Our
                                        state of the art
                                        equipment is powered
                                                                           05-14113  Senator Skeye Bio plastic ballpen
                                        by the River Main in
                                        Germany. Thus, the
                                        eco-friendliness of                500 72p   l   1000 65p   l   2500 58p
                                        the Bio pens range
                                        is incomparable.
             DID YOU KNOW?
             Year on year pens
             top the list of promo
             items. There is not a desk
             in the world without a pen
             usable and portable
             promo product, suitable
             for all target markets, with
             increasingly sophisticated
             printing techniques.

                                                                                    DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                                    senator  refills meets all the requirements
                                                                                    of REACH and complies with ISO 12757.
                                                                                    Brands can achieve maximum repeat
                                                                                    impressions, as well as prioritising
                                                                                    people and planet, by choosing
                                           You can sign your name over
                                                                                    high-quality long life reusable
                                           11k times with a Bio pen, which
           COMPOST                         is on average 16 times more than         promo products.
           After their long lives, the Bio pens   most Far East pens. It also comes
           can be composted in any household   with a lifetime print guarantee.

           compost heap, or even in the plant

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